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What is Asphalt Patching?


Every business property eventually requires repairs and maintenance. It is only a matter of time until water weakens soil beneath the pavement. Potholes appear after heavy vehicles travel across the surface, eventually weakening it. Their weight causes cracking that subsequently forms potholes. Thankfully, there is a solution available in the form of asphalt patching.

If you notice a pothole or another flaw in your pavement, do not delay the asphalt patching repair project. A professional team should assess the surface quality and determine if asphalt patching will get the job done. If the hole is not patched or patched incorrectly, it will eventually lead to even more damage that requires additional money and subsequent repairs. It is even possible for a compromised surface to prove hazardous to vehicles and people traversing the space. This can cause unforeseen issues and allow your business to get blamed for damages.

The patching process minimizes downtime for your parking lot or other space.  Most importantly, asphalt patching gets rid of those dangerous low spots. This is the best and quickest way to correct those hazardous depressions that can eventually cover your pavement. The quicker you repair the problem, the better!


There are multiple asphalt patching methods. The right approach hinges on the outline of the property. Pothole patching requires a manual installation of new asphalt mix and subsequent compaction. Surface patching involves a partial depth removal with a milling of the asphalt surface. The space is then cleaned and new asphalt is installed. This approach eliminates those surface defects, providing a repaired space that typically lasts two to three years.

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