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Pavement Marking and Line Striping

Make sure your parking lot lets visitors navigate the facility safely. Well-marked pavement will ensure employees, customers, and patrons get where they need to go and park safely.

When stripes, arrows and warnings start to fade, this can begin to cause some problems. Avoid any liability issues by contacting us ahead of time!

We’re familiar with Illinois and Wisconsin parking regulations, including handicapped parking requirements among many other stipulations set forth by Illinois and Wisconsin law.

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A well laid-out parking lot allows your customers, employees, patrons, and visitors to safely and efficiently maneuver through your parking lot and park their vehicles.  Over time, parking lot striping begins to fade and wear out due to traffic and the elements.  

Parking lot striping, directional arrows, warnings and restrictions noted through stencils and hatching are the best ways to insure that cars end up where you want them to, and not where you don’t.

It’s important to hire a company that’s familiar with parking regulations, especially those pertaining to Handicapped Parking requirements – otherwise you could be the one paying the price for their ignorance!

We promise to provide the appropriate services for your specific needs. You can trust that our team does what we say we’ll do when we say we’re going to do it.

Pavement Marking & Line Striping:

At the groundUP s.s.i., we cover the following when it comes to pavement markings:

  • New Layouts
  • Striping over Sealcoating
  • Stripe over Existing Lines/Markings

Other forms of marking we provide:

Interior Striping

  • OSHA Safety Lines
  • Pallet Lines
  • Rat Lines
  • Exit Path Marking
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We  Also Offer – Site Accessories such as:

  • Wheel stops
  • Curbs
  • Pipe Bollards
  • Light Pole Bases
  • Sign Posts
  • Railing

Have you customers say WOW when they enter your lot. Not only is a well maintained parking area important but accessories can also help add to aesthetics of your business or property!

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