the groundUP s.s.i.

Custom Engraving

Capture the attention of your prospects with your logo engraved in Stone, Tile, Brick or Concrete!

Logo engraving on various surfaces gives a lasting and unique voice to your brand that other forms of marketing cannot touch. It also lends a three dimensional nature to your brand or message that renders a memorable and distinguished impression.

Engraved tiles make a great gift for customers, employees, family and friends.  They can also serve as great awards plaques, memorial plaques or even pet headstones.  Custom stencils offer the opportunity to leave your message on paved surfaces, grass or even vertical surfaces!

This new service from the groundUP S.S.I. utilizes a brand new technology that transfers complex designs to many types of surfaces  – all in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional engraving methods

Other Engraving Related Services:

  • Custom & Stock Stencils
  • Customized Stencils to Most Specifications (up to 36″ tall)
  • Stock Words
  • Stock Letter & Number Sets (12″ & 24″ tall)
  • Arrows
  • Symbols

At the groundUP, we offer a wide selection of high quality stencils that are good for many uses!

Check out our retail site for pricing and options!