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Sealcoating by the groundUP s.s.i.

Protecting your pavement from damage is critical and with seal coating from the groundUP s.s.i., not only will your pavement’s appearance look better than ever, but it will resist absorption of water, oil, and other damage-causing elements enabling a longer life span.

Don’t let your pavement degrade too much or else the costs to repair it could really add up!

Remember : YOUR PARKING LOT is YOUR CUSTOMER’S first impression!

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The Benefits of Sealcoating

  • Prolong your asphalt’s lifespan – regular maintenance can more than double it
  • Prevents crumbling with UV degradation (also known as raveling)
  • Promotes snow melting, which means less plowing and shoveling
  • Protects water, oil, and more from penetrating the pavement
  • Not to mention the pure aesthetics of a newly seal coated lot

We also offer a few other services here at the groundUP s.s.i.:

Crack-Fill Services:

Crack filling is one of the most cost-effective ways you can provide preventative maintenance for your parking lot. When your pavement begins cracking, it opens itself up for water to get below the surface, widen cracks, and wash away the underlayment. Crack filling stops potholes before they happen by sealing pavement cracks as soon as they show up.

Pothole Repairs and Pavement Patching:

  • Infrared heats
  • Remove and replace
  • Throw and roll
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Parking Lot Maintenance may seem expensive but take a look at the lots on the right.

Once a parking lot gets to this level, it is even more expensive to correct than it would have been with regular maintenance and upkeep.

Call us at the groundUP s.s.i. and at least let us provide you with a free quote. 

  • groundUP s.s.i. line striping, lot maintenance, sign installation